This week, Alfa rolled out the second of six technology releases that make up Alfa Systems 6, what the company called a “breakthrough” iteration of the Alfa Systems software platform.

The second piece is Total Originations, which the company said is an advanced originations product designed specifically for the U.S. auto finance sector.

Covering direct and indirect financing, from quoting to funding, the company highlighted Total Originations represents an integrated part of the Alfa Systems platform, offering customers the full spectrum of Alfa Systems’ capabilities.

“We’re seeing a dynamic shift in the market landscape, with new asset types, increased accessibility to customer data, and the adoption of innovative technologies that drive automation,” Alfa head of product Emily Hammond said in a news release.

“There is also a noticeable trend toward direct lending. In response to these evolving market needs, as well as customer feedback, Alfa has expanded the functionality of our originations product to position it as the premium solution,” Hammond continued.

Alfa CEO Andrew Denton added, “Alfa’s originations functionality is already well established, serving notable brands with international reach. Total Originations offers further choice and versatility, allowing finance providers to design their own lending capabilities, releasing valuable resources to focus on more complex, higher-margin transactions.

“Empowering lenders with unparalleled functionality and upholding our commitment to enabling excellence in both direct and indirect lending, Alfa continues to set industry standards,” Denton went on to say.

The third release is geared to satisfy emerging business models driven by net-zero and ESG regulation. It will be entitled Sustainability.