Young car buyers want it all.

According to the 2024 Embedded Auto Insurance Study, conducted by embedded automotive insurance marketplace Polly, Millennials and Generation Z consumers don’t want to just shop for insurance — they want insurance to be part of the car-buying process.

The survey of more than 1,000 consumers who had purchased a car in the previous 12 months, which Polly said focused on buyers 45 and younger, found 79% of the Millennial and Gen Z respondents said they believe it makes sense for insurance to be a part of the vehicle buying process and 81% said they want the option to purchase auto insurance while buying a vehicle at the dealership.

That compares to 63% and 60% among all consumers surveyed.

In addition, 82% of younger car buyers said being able to compare multiple quotes and buy auto insurance in their smartphones at the dealership would improve their car-buying experience.

“Our embedded auto insurance study reveals that Millennials and Gen Z aren’t just looking for vehicles,” Polly chief marketing officer Mike Burgiss said. “They’re seeking a holistic buying experience that includes insurance. The research is clear — consumer demand for integrated solutions is not a passing trend. It’s a new norm.”

The company said young buyers prefer a seamless car shopping experience that includes insurance, and that growing consumer preference for integrated insurance gives dealerships an opportunity to “unlock new revenue streams while enhancing the customer experience as they become a one-stop-shop for today’s modern car buyers.”

According to the Polly survey, Millennial and Gen Z car buyers said a dealership introducing them to an insurance shopping app that saved them money would make them more than 70% more likely to refer friends and family to that dealership, return to the dealership for repairs and maintenance, and feel better about making their next purchase from that dealership. And 68% said they would give the dealer a higher satisfaction rating.

You can download the full study here.