Repair OnDemand, a provider of vehicle-side repair technology, announced it will launch new tools at the upcoming NADA Show 2024 in Las Vegas that “represent an end-to-end solution” for reconditioning, allowing dealers to diagnose and clear codes, “master reconditioning with a seamless workflow, and harness Repair OnDemand’s network of 16,000 mobile technicians to complete the repair work needed.”

It begins with BlueDriver Max, a plug-in diagnostic tool used in the auction industry that is now available to dealers, allowing them to read the diagnostic codes of vehicles at auctions, private trade-ins and other acquisition points.

“We’ve had a very successful run with all of the leading online auctions using BlueDriver to quickly and accurately determine the diagnostic codes of incoming used vehicles,” Repair OnDemand chief sales officer Greg Lubrani said in a news release.

“Dealers will now have the same instant plug-in access for their acquired vehicles, enabling them to make diagnostic decisions faster and bring in additional used vehicles.”

From there, Repair360 is designed to let all areas of the fixed ops department, from parts to service to reconditioning, to view, collaborate and manage the reconditioning process.

Repair OnDemand said Repair360 “creates a seamless workflow for the reconditioning process to reduce administrative and workflow complexity” resulting in “faster turnaround times, better interdepartmental communication and an elevated customer experience overall.”

Finally, the Repair Exchange platform is designed to streamline the recon and repair processes by providing access to a network of more 16,000 technicians.

The company said the system facilitates the subletting of repair jobs and is fully integrated into Repair360, allowing for efficient management of repair jobs, direct work order dispatch, progress monitoring and communication within a single system.

“Speed and efficiency are critical components of getting used vehicles through the reconditioning process and out on the lot for sale,” Repair OnDemand president Randy Kobat said. “The solution set we are launching at NADA 2024 will help guide dealers through the diagnosing, reconditioning and repair of those vehicles, giving them a critical advantage over their competition in getting cars front-line ready for retail this next year.”